Making a Game with Ruby?

If you happen to be making a game with Ruby, I would love to hear about it! In fact, I want to do more than hear about it, I would like to play it and review it! So if you’re making a game using Ruby leave a comment here.


~ by Tyler Church on January 9, 2009.

10 Responses to “Making a Game with Ruby?”

  1. Tyler,

    A few months ago, I released an engine named SFII90 that is written in C++ with bindings to Ruby. It is possible to script entire games using Ruby, although I’ve found that due to speed concerns (especially regarding garbage collection), it is most useful as an environment for developing small games and prototypes.

    I released a very small game (actually more of a musical toy) that was developed using this engine called beatboy. If you’d like, please download and review it. It’s not really much, but the game code was developed completely in Ruby!


  2. It would be cool if you would feature my Tetris clone.
    Thank you! 🙂

    Here is the URL:

    See you around!
    Have you taken a look into Gosu yet?

  3. I’m attempting to make a text-based RPG in Ruby. It’s a sci-fi style game – I found out shortly after I began writing down ideas for the gameplay that it’s actually quite similar to Deus Ex, so that made me happy! However, it’s been on hold for a while because A) I found out that spreadsheets are much better than text files for what I was doing but spreadsheets are inherently evil and thus killed some of the fun and B) I hate coding at my desk so I’ve been saving up for a laptop so I can code in bed. I’m putting it together piece by piece, making different world editing tools and whatnot, it’s pretty fun. If I remember, and if I ever finish it, I’ll let you play it 🙂

  4. Ah, perhaps, perhaps 😛 Let’s see if I even get that far! I have a horrible time keeping my mind on 1 thing. I’ll get super excited about something, start it, then not too long after I will tire of it and move on, until the excitement cycles back. I stumbled upon your blog while attempting to stir up that excitement again by Googling around for ruby game development stuff. You’ve got some inspiring passages, so that’s pretty nice to see 🙂

    • I didn’t know my writings were inspiring! Cool! 😀

      I understand what you mean about keeping on one thing, it can be hard sometimes. I’ve been experimenting with ways to overcome it, the best way I’ve found is to create habits, something like “I’ll work on the top item on my game’s TODO list at least 3 times a week”. Mine is actually “I’ll work on writing my tutorial at least three times a week”, and “I’ll workout three times a week”, I still trip up every so often and don’t do as much as I want to, but making a habit out of things seems to help.

      This has worked for me, and it may or may not work for you, I don’t always like unsolicited advice myself which makes me a complete hypocrite 😛 So sorry about that!

      Good luck with your game!

  5. Have you ever heard about the pomodoro method?

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