Block Bounce Alpha 3 Released!

After 145 version control commits, Block Bounce is finally worthy of the Alpha 3 Title!

This release fixes many bugs in the sprite and level editors. It also adds the main game play, minus a few things like upgrades and blocks with different properties. It also adds sprites that look a little bit better than the old ones.

I’m very excited to finally get this far, all that tool development for two releases burned me out a little…

The next release will allow you to actually win and lose, along with adding the starting framework for block properties. The implementation of the block properties may set back the release for Alpha 4 (because I will have to edit and load levels in  a different way) but I will have it out as soon as I can.

Block Bounce on GitHub

Block Bounce Alpha 3 Download (Source)


~ by Tyler Church on April 9, 2009.

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