Survive in the City

You are captured by enemies. Your play styles are:

  1. Escape the city
  2. Hold out for as long as possible
  3. Take over as much of the city as you can
  4. Penetrate as deep into enemy territory as possible
    1. Take down the enemies main command station (could involve a huge fight of every enemy left after you destroy it)

You are a high profile target, everyone is trying to kill you. The game could either infer the type of game style you are playing, provide options to let the player track his progress in a play style, or chosen explicitly from the menu.

If the choice of play style is not explicit, it could be possible to play all play styles in one game. For example:

A player could fight his way into the city and take the enemy’s base (play style #4). The remaining enemies would then focus their efforts on their old base (now your base). You would hold out until there was an opening to escape (sort of play style #2). You could then fight your way out of the city because you have gained some important info from the enemy’s base (play style #1). Then when you were safe you could recruit some people from your side and try to completely take the enemy’s city (play style #3).

If the player keeps track of his progress:


  • He can do whatever he wants with less constraints


  • There is no explicit reward system, no “Good Job!” or “Game Complete” or riveting cut scene.
  • Or any other type of reward since the game would be unaware of when something is accomplished.
  • Also with no game regulated play style, the AI’s strategy could suffer.

If the game infers what play style the player is using:


  • The system could be wrong because of misinterpretation or a play style that is not recognized, leading to very frustrating situations.

If you explicitly choose the play style from the menu:


  • In game bonuses, win-screens, etc.
  • experience could be better tailored to the play style
  • impossible wrongness (because that’s what the player picked!)


  • possibly too restricting.
  • If the player decides to switch it up half way through, he could become frustrated.
  • The play style could become too tailored, and end up being 4 different games.

Play styles explained in detail:

  1. You are a high profile target so you have to be careful and stealthy. You have to get out of the city and away from your enemies until you are in a safe location (over the border, at the pick up point, etc.) You may be using stealth or may gun your way through as fast and as obvious as possible.
  2. You build a base and:
    1. Barricade it up
    2. Stockpile supplies
    3. Keep enemies away
    4. This mode would either be:
      1. survive as long as possible against an endless horde
      2. fight the enemy until the go all out on you/you have killed everyone
  3. You build a base and:
    1. Barricade it up
    2. Stockpile supplies
    3. Keep enemies away
    4. Connect to other possible base locations and expand your territory
    5. Recruit/Smuggle in people from your side or persuade enemies to fight for you
    6. Try and take over as much of the city as possible until:
      1. You have it all
      2. You are killed/your base falls (could you base/recruits fight on without you? (and you just watch?))
  4. Fight your way into the city, you don’t have time to hold down a permanent base, but may need to set one up from time to time to regroup, rest, etc. This has two play style possibilities:
    1. The goal is to get as far as possible. With your battles getting harder as you go further.
    2. Or if we have a city of finite size: To get to the center of the city and destroy the enemies main base and their leader. Which then has the following possibilities:
      1. You use the enemies main base as your own and fight the remaining enemies in the style of play style #2
      2. The game ends with the players mission successful

~ by Tyler Church on June 11, 2009.

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