Ruby Tower Defense Status Update

Ruby Tower Defence (rbtd) has had 46 version control commits. It contains:

  • The main game loop
  • A GameObject class
  • A Box class for prototyping
  • A Text class for a HUD
  • An event hook system (instead of using rubygame’s, so I could tweak it more and for compatibility with the most current Windows releases (2.3.0 instead of 2.5.0) )
  • Game States

This is all done on the back end and no actual game development has been done. I’m doing this in the hopes that having a nicely structured engine for the game before I start development will make the addition of new features easier and less painful.

Things I still need:

  • Sound
  • Sprites/Pictures
  • Better game state management (it works,, but I think it could be better)
  • Collision detection
  • And maybe the basics of a GUI framework (but that may be part of the game, and not the engine)

Besides me wanting a nice framework before I started, I also had no idea how the hell the game was actually going to play. So I used the engine to make my free time more productive.

As you may have noticed by the previously posted design document, I came up with a bunch of design ideas last night. The ones for Ruby Tower Defence are only half formed, and need to be prototyped.

As always, a link to the project: Ruby Tower Defence on Launchpad


~ by Tyler Church on June 12, 2009.

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