Do the Impossible

I was thinking, just a short time ago (Yes! Thinking! I know its dangerous, but I was being careful, I promise!).

I remembered reading once that immortality would be bad (if deployed across the whole race) simply because there wouldn’t be a need for children. I only ever understood the implications of this now: If there ever became a lack of children, technological advance would stagnate (Imagine, a world where a new iPod doesn’t come out every six months!). Advance would stagnate because people would never do the “impossible”, they’d just continue accepting things as they were (Imagine a world with no new LOLCATS!). Children think without limits, because they know no limits. This then means that they can attempt to do the “impossible” (or something close to it) and succeed, but only a child could do it simply because they do not know it is impossible. So it becomes important to realize that, if you try and think without limitations, it is possible for you to find a way to succeed. Sometimes you will succeed simply because you were the only one to think without limitations. Just be sure you are balancing what can be done realistically, without leaving you mind enslaved by impossibility. That could be impossible 🙂

What this means for programmers is simple: Want to make a game engine, OS, super-awesome-script-that-will-pwn-all-the-noobs? Does it seem impossible? Don’t think of it as impossible, you’re only limiting yourself. There is a way.


~ by Tyler Church on August 22, 2009.

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