Status Update

“Excuse me, sir? Its been a while since your last post, and we figured you owed them an explanation.”
I concur, Mr. Post-Opener.

I’ve gone back to school, shrinking my free time by about 9+ hours, and leaving little time for game development. Much of the programming I have done hasn’t been in Ruby, since I’m learning C++ in school (though once I start making Ruby C-Extensions, it’ll come back around!) The rest of my programming has been on 2 toy projects, both in Ruby, both using web technologies, and not related to game development…

I have, however, created the basis for a platformer game as an excuse to test out the git server I set up at my house 🙂 . If I find the time to get enemies and guns up to snuff, it may see the light of day.

As if programming wasn’t enough, I’m also trying to learn Inkscape to make my art a little less horrible. All this crap together makes for one overwhelming situation, and I’m almost certain I’m trying to do too much at once!

I have some ideas for posts I want to write, but I feel a little guilty about writing about game dev, when I’m not actually making games…

P.S. C++ sucks! What the hell? Why do so many game programmers use it??? Sure its fast, but Ruby isn’t very slow! Might have to see if D is any better, its supposed to be anyway…


~ by Tyler Church on September 6, 2009.

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