The Strangeness of Points

I was thinking about points in games recently and game to this realization: More points are more satisfying, even if the score is just multiplied by 100. My score in Super Mario always seemed to have at least two trailing zeros at the end. (I went to check, and I can get 100 points for squashing a lowly Goomba!) It’s also much more fun to brag “I got 1,000,000 points!” than “I got 1,000 points!”

I think that can be applied to the real world too. I remember a math teacher I had changed his grading system mid-year; We used to see something like 20/20 on homework, it went down to 3/3. Though it really counted for the same part of our grade, seeing 20 is much more satisfying than 3.

What are your thoughts on points in games?


~ by Tyler Church on September 10, 2009.

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