Ruby Tower Defense So Far

The code I wrote in Block Bounce was scary, “Please, please don’t make me look at the source again I’ll do anything!” I told myself. I attributed this to awful ad hoc structure I had built. It worked great for the core game, but not for anything else. “You know what would solve all this,” I thought to myself, “a game engine would surely make all my troubles go away!” So I started hacking, and slowly what seemed a decent game engine built up. So far this engine has worked pretty well for rbtd, besides being a major distraction from the game itself…

After spending way too much time creating the engine, I had to actually start work on the game. Some ideas popped into my head and I thought, “I’ll write these down, and design it out!”
*write, write, write*
“Hmm… while I’m at it I suppose I should flesh everything else out!” And that is where the trouble started. I added some ideas for the enemies, how the gameplay would work, pretty much everything. I even wrote milestones!

To cut a long story short: I’ve wasted my time. The whole game is over-designed, I need to start with a simple prototype, see if it’s fun and go from there. At the moment I’ve gone way too far into things that don’t matter, when I should actually be making the game!


~ by Tyler Church on October 2, 2009.

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