Git vs Bzr

For Ruby Tower Defense, I tried out bazaar (bzr) instead of git for version control. Here’s some quick points/impressions:

Pro Git:

  • GitHub is more intuitive than launchpad.
  • Launchpad is confusing, has links that go where you don’t think they go, hard to find certain things.
  • Git is faster than Bzr (I especially noticed slowness pushing and pulling).
  • I like how git has every branch in the same folder (simply git checkout branch to change). Bzr’s separate folders for each branch seems more clumsy.
  • Running “bzr status” when nothing has changed, says nothing; making me worry it’s not working… I’m used to git saying: “nothing to commit (working directory clean)”

Pro Bazaar

  • Bzr has an easier and clearer install for Windows
  • Launchpad has automated build+packaging system. I don’t need it, but it sure seems like it would be useful!
  • Some of the commands are named better than their git counterparts

Platform Note: I’m using the default git and bzr packages in Ubuntu 9.04 repositories

Git and Bazaar seem very similar to me. But I like the way git does things better than bzr, and the fact that git is faster is a nice plus 🙂


~ by Tyler Church on October 15, 2009.

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  1. […] a playable state. It did let me experiment with Bazaar for version control, and helped me decide to stick with git. It’s biggest success was behind the scenes, the game engine. Ruby Tower Defense’s game […]

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