[quote] Asking a good question…

Asking a good question is like deciding where to put the door. You can cut an ample hole in the front of the building and fit a glass automatic double door that leads straight into reception, that would certainly work. You could take a wild guess and cut a hole into the boiler room, you could still get where you need to eventually, but it could take some time. Or you could take a lump hammer and smash a hole in the wall, leaving a ragged hole that no-one will go near and a very irate person the other side sitting in front of a brick covered desk. To sum up, have an idea about where you want to be and make it clear and simple for those you are asking to help you.


(found this in a random doc on my computer… I should put all my quotes in one place…)


~ by Tyler Church on October 18, 2009.

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