[Part 3] Making an Online Game with Ruby

A lot has happened since I last posted (here’s the complete list of changes if you’re curious, http://github.com/tylerc/rog/compare/3359652…1676fa3 )

But, really, all the interesting stuff is going on outside of the project. Nick, informal art lead and co-designer, has created some art, and we’ve been talking about all the possible directions the game could go in. There’s no ETA for getting the art assets into the game, so you’ll be stuck with my awesome boxes and lines for a little while longer 😛

I’m considering switching the game to 3D just ‘cus I want to one-up one of my programmer friends, but OpenGL is still incomprehensible to me…

Even with all these plans, there’s still one gigantic roadblock: Me. It seems like forever ago and just yesterday at the same time (in reality it was a little over a week ago), that my girlfriend broke up with me. Heartbroken isn’t a good word, I’m broken, and I’m still trying to pick up all the pieces. Everything about my life feels different now, my emotions are different, my thoughts are different, and I’m not sure what the hell I’m doing anymore. I’ve been questioning everything, and I see that there’s so much that I don’t know, so much I’m unhappy about, so much I want to change.

Time will tell if game programming will make the cut.


~ by Tyler Church on May 12, 2010.

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