I’m Still Kickin’

So it seems on further reflection, I’m gonna keep programming. How much, and on what, I’m not sure yet, but lately I’ve just been doing some random coding, and I’m having fun with it. Maybe I’ll start a new project, or continue an old one (ROG is just begging to be worked on…), I don’t know.

Oh, and I’m hoping to make this blog a wee bit more useful to you the reader, and try to make it a bit less of me just talking about myself all the time. Not sure how I’ll do this yet, I bet I can figure it out!


~ by Tyler Church on June 9, 2010.

8 Responses to “I’m Still Kickin’”

  1. Hi Tyler, maybe you can look into http://www.geeks3d.com/geexlab/index.php . That French dude also has nice blog about gaming industry … I also made simple game while evaluating lua possibilities, I can send you code if you are interested.

    I am looking for a ruby framework that has similar features, can you recommend something ?

    • I’d love to see your code! Can you send me a link or something?

      The blog looks nice, and so does GXL. As far as I know there isn’t a Ruby equivalent, sorry…

      • Here is the code: http://www.citymediabeograd.com/tt/temp/xenon-the-game.7z ,link will be valid for some period.

        My code organisation is a bit different from code samples. I try to put everything in scripts and actors creation is in lua function rather than coded in xml file.

        Also you can see OOP implementation in lua as lua do not have native implementation of OOP.

        There is dynamic/random terrain creation, some sort of ai behaviour – basic combat and concept of fractions. Health damage and other standard stuff. You can play with those parameters in class declarations (eg. Weapon.cooldown in weapon.lua)

        Keys: arrows, space and numpad +-

        • The code looks pretty cool, I haven’t gotten to play with Lua much, and I like seeing it in action. Well… Almost in action, I’m don’t think xenon is loading properly. All I get is a gray screen, arrow keys and space do nothing, and I’m on a laptop so no numpad. Geex reports the following error message:

          #>ERROR: Lua - Script [update_frame] has a runtime error: [string "ship"]:136: bad argument #1 to 'abs' (number expected, got nil). Script disabled.

          Thanks for sharing xenon with me anyway.

          If you don’t mind me asking, what do you think of Lua? Do you like it? Do you prefer other languages?

          • From the error message I suspect that physx drivers are missing ? Do You have latest nvidia physx drivers installed ?

            If there is no way to run the code here is a preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDQe46Imcas .

            From my experience Lua is damned fast scripting language and I would prefer it over c/c++. GXL also allows python scripts and that is exactly what I wanted from game framework. Only if there is possibility to call Lua functions from python …

            At this point Python is my strongest point as it allows me to complete tasks with smallest efforts. And ruby feels like most expressive language.

            While researching about ruby game development I found numerous discouraging articles and scarce resources. So now i am a little disappointed. I need to depend on some game framework and people maintaining it so I can focus on game logic. Something similar to your thoughts: “secret_to_good_games = { Fun => :high, Time => :short, Scale”, where game idea/technicalities ratio is maximal.

            Sorry for my bad English,

            • Well my graphics card is ATI, and the physx installation for ATI looks waaaaay too complicated… Your video looks cool though!

              Yeah, it’s true, game development resources for Ruby are hard to come by. For 2D stuff, Rubygame works fantastically well for me. As for something more than Rubygame… Well… I’m trying to learn C, so maybe I can create my own solutions.

              It’s nice to hear the good word about Lua, I’ll have to check it out!

              Your English is good, no worries!

              • I originally developed this code on radeon hd 3450 😀 than moved to nvidia 275 gtx. The only difference I have noticed: GXL frame rate limiter is not working properly while hardware physics is in use.

                By the way what is Your OS choice ? windows ?

                • I was trying to run GXL on Windows 7, yeah, but that’s because it looked to me like Windows was the only option. My OS of choice is Linux (Linux Mint 8 is my preferred distro at the moment).

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