Coming Clean

•January 2, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Ok, it’s time for me to come clean about my game development. I love making games, but I keep disappointing myself. So far I’ve only liked two games that I’ve made: To The Exit! and To The Exit… Again!. And now I think I know why.

On both I kept my focus on making it fun. On both I kept development time short. They weren’t grand scale mega-games. And even though they aren’t the greatest games ever, and as much as I may like trying to write relative mega-games, it doesn’t matter if they’re not fun to play.

So it boils down to three things: Fun. Time. Scale.

secret_to_good_games = { Fun => :high, Time => :short, Scale => :small }

I like those simple games, and that’s all I care about.

I keep focusing on crap systems that I enjoy writing, but get me no where.

And rarely have I focused on getting to the fun ASAP.

And I’m done. Hopefully.

Hopefully I can snap myself out of it.

We’ll see, we’ll see.

I’ll keep ya’ posted.


Status Update – December 26 ’09

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This is just a quickie, since I felt I needed to do *something* to get the cobwebs off this blog!

  • Started work on a simple RPG, more details to come.
  • Got a new computer over the holidays 64 bit, dual core, Windows 7. It’s awesome!
  • I’ve got some blog posts in the works, which will be hitting the virtual presses in a few days.
  • I’m considering ditching SDL for SFML, nothing concrete yet.
  • Only been doing Ruby during this break from school, C++ has been driving me insane. (Side note: I’ve tried to make my C++ look like Ruby. I’ve got a to_s function, basics for imitating my engine/framework thingie. Now if only I could get rid of those damn semi colons! 🙂 )

Sitting Around Waiting…

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I’m sitting at my computer, waiting. Not in silent inaction, as if I’m waiting for a call, or a knock on my door. But actively looking for something to capture my attention, and call me to action.

No, because of the miracles of email, RSS, and random other mediums I can actively look for something to do, find nothing, and feel like I’ve been doing something!

But I’m smart enough to know that if anything, I should be calling myself to action. I know there are things I should do, things I want to do, things that are more productive than scrolling through blog feeds.

Don’t do what I’ve been doing.

If you’re not being productive, at least have fun. And if you can’t do either, you’re fooling yourself by looking in the wrong places for something to do.

[quote] Asking a good question…

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Asking a good question is like deciding where to put the door. You can cut an ample hole in the front of the building and fit a glass automatic double door that leads straight into reception, that would certainly work. You could take a wild guess and cut a hole into the boiler room, you could still get where you need to eventually, but it could take some time. Or you could take a lump hammer and smash a hole in the wall, leaving a ragged hole that no-one will go near and a very irate person the other side sitting in front of a brick covered desk. To sum up, have an idea about where you want to be and make it clear and simple for those you are asking to help you.

(found this in a random doc on my computer… I should put all my quotes in one place…)

To The Exit… Again!

•October 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

Last night, after I pronounced Ruby Tower Defense dead, I opened up a text editor and wrote some new code. All it did was draw a green box. Then I started messing with some drawing commands, and had a cool-looking green box.

Then I remembered a simple platformer I had made a while back, I found the code for the player dropped it in and changed one line. (Yay! for using the same engine! 🙂 ) Now I had the player jumping around on green boxes!

Then I started experimenting with varying amounts of green boxes, added an exit, and a level system. A while of tweaking and polishing later, and I had a game!

Then I had to decide on a name… “To The Exit!” I thought, except… I already made a game with that name. So I concentrated my super-duper-totally-awesome game-naming skills and came up with: “To The Exit… Again!” 😛

Obligatory Screenies:

To The Exit... Again! Menu

To The Exit... Again! Menu

To The Exit... Again! In Game

To The Exit... Again! In Game

You can get the game from these links:

To The Exit… Again on GitHub
To The Exit… Again Source Download (zip)
To The Exit… Again Linux Binary Download (tarball)
To The Exit… Again Windows Binary Download (zip)
(Sorry mac people, I don’t own a mac)

My high score is 59, what’s yours?

Git vs Bzr

•October 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

For Ruby Tower Defense, I tried out bazaar (bzr) instead of git for version control. Here’s some quick points/impressions:

Pro Git:

  • GitHub is more intuitive than launchpad.
  • Launchpad is confusing, has links that go where you don’t think they go, hard to find certain things.
  • Git is faster than Bzr (I especially noticed slowness pushing and pulling).
  • I like how git has every branch in the same folder (simply git checkout branch to change). Bzr’s separate folders for each branch seems more clumsy.
  • Running “bzr status” when nothing has changed, says nothing; making me worry it’s not working… I’m used to git saying: “nothing to commit (working directory clean)”

Pro Bazaar

  • Bzr has an easier and clearer install for Windows
  • Launchpad has automated build+packaging system. I don’t need it, but it sure seems like it would be useful!
  • Some of the commands are named better than their git counterparts

Platform Note: I’m using the default git and bzr packages in Ubuntu 9.04 repositories

Git and Bazaar seem very similar to me. But I like the way git does things better than bzr, and the fact that git is faster is a nice plus 🙂

Ruby Tower Defense is Dead

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While I’ve been coding rbtd, I’ve grown tired of it. It’s so boring, the gameplay sucks, I have no grand vision, no motivation to keep coding… So I’m done with it!

It is possible that I’ll come back to it if I ever get the urge, but not now.